About Me

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Pinball has been a love of mine since the age of 5. In the days of the arcades in the 80’s.. I liked Video Games, but I LOVED Pinball. Three decades later things haven’t changed.  What started out as just single pinball game in my basement soon exploded into over 30! Having that many games it became a necessity to learn how restore, repair and maintain them. I realized I had a passion for repairing these fantastic machines and have them playing to their best. I also realized how much fun and enjoyment they brought to others… whether it be a man-cave, at a business or just great family fun!  I figured I could put my knowledge and skills to work to help keep the pinball machines of West Michigan playing and running well!  GR pinball was born!  It’s my pleasure to be able to help in keeping these wonderful pieces of family fun and Americana alive and well.

Hope to see you soon and thanks for stopping in – I look forward to serving you.