Machines for Sale / Wanted


I always have machines for sale from my personal collection! They tend to come and go pretty quickly, below you’ll a list of some of the current games available (or will be soon),  but please ask for the most current list. All games have been reconditioned, updated and repaired unless otherwise noted.

What does a pinball machine cost?  So much depends on condition, era, theme, age, gameplay etc. Typical reconditioned games range anywhere from $1500 (very entry level) to $8000 (Latest or very popular title) and everywhere in between depending on updates, upgrades and other options – Please ask for more details.

I also buy machines at fair value – drop me a line and we’ll make a deal and I’ll come to you, remove the game for you and we’ll be all set!

Looking for that special game you loved as a kid? I can help! I can track down that special game from the 50’s all the way to the current releases for your home, basement, rec room and pinballs also make great gifts for any age!

Have a game and not sure what it’s worth? I can help with that too.

Current List of Available Games from My Personal Collection as of 6/13/21:

Click on each title for pictures and/or information

EM = Electromechanical (pre 1978 games with Chimes etc) :

Stern Monopoly

This one is really nice. LED’s, family friendly and just classic fun pinball. Lots to Shoot for on here and a nice game-in-a-game!

Bally Black Rose 

Great game from the 1990’s with a big CANNON right in the middle of the game. Very fun, great music, built in video game mode and this one is just plain fun with lots of really good shots.

Williams Dracula

Beautiful and haunting game with many fantastic shots, awesome music and the MYST multiball where the pinball floats across the playfield! This one is fully decked out with Custom LED’s and it fantastic condition. Just an awesome package!

Bally Speakeasy

Very Unique Classic game with a Roulette wheel. It’s also and Add-A-Ball game in which as you complete various things (or get a lucky spin on the wheel) you can wrack up as many as 10 balls to play! The Game also has a unique look and is very classy!

Data East Royal Rumble

If you’re a wresting fan, this IS the game to have. This came out during the peak of the WWF in the 1990’s and features so many stars of the time. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Undertaker, Hacksaw and so many more. This is also a “Superpin” so it’s a bit wider than the standard. These games has a lot of fun shots and 6 ball multiball! It also has been fully stripped and cleaned from top to bottom and fully updated with a rebuilt CPU and Power Board!

Data East Checkpoint

Great Racing Themed Game!  3 Ball Multiball, Shaker Motor that makes the whole game shake. Special mode where you can choose your own music, lots of targets, ramp and a special timed Ramp Shot Where you try to break the speed record.  Fast, fun, family friendly game!

Williams Slugfest

Super Cool Pitch-And-Bat game.  Unique and ridiciulously addictive and a perfect head to head game. Once you play it, you’ll be hooked!

Gottlieb Ice Fever

Classic and somewhat rare game from the 1980’s.  Lots of good shots, neat sounds and unique knock down the targets to get the goal feature. Fun game for all ages and classic in it’s look and gameplay. Also plays very fast!

Williams F-14 Tomcat

This game is wild. 4 Ball Multiball, 32 Flashing Flights, 3 Police Lights on Top and and kicker that throws the ball back at you at full speed. This game is wild, fast, fun, and bright. If you want a game that moves – this is it – Bring your Sunglasses!

Stern Meteor

Classic in every sense of pinball.  3 Flippers, 15 Total Drop Targets to aim for. Great Flow, and fun sounds, lights and just a classic look all the way around. Great for all ages and skill levels too.

Williams Space Mission – EM

Games are shown by appointment, please contact me for more information on these (and other games) available – or will be soon from my own collection.  Payment plans are available as well as rent-to-own options. Every game includes a follow up service call at no extra charge. 

Prices vary based on various available updates for the games, delivery (available in most areas) etc.  If you have interest in a particular title drop a line! Please keep in mind these are games are for FUN – and there is absolutely no high pressure sales. 🙂