Machines for Sale / Wanted


I always have machines for sale from my personal collection! They tend to come and go pretty quickly, below you’ll a list of some of the current games available (or will be soon).  All games have been totally reconditioned, updated and repaired unless otherwise noted. They are ready for their new home! Delivery and setup is available.

What does a pinball machine cost?  So much depends on condition, era, theme, age, gameplay etc. Typical reconditioned games range anywhere from $2000 (entry level) to $10000 (Latest or very popular title) and everywhere in between depending on updates, upgrades and other options – Please ask for more details and for prices and details on each game.

I buy machines at fair value – drop me a line and we’ll make a deal and I’ll come to you, remove the game for you and we’ll be all set!

Have a game and not sure what it’s worth? I can help with that too.

Looking for that special game you loved? I can help! I can track down games from the 50’s all the way to the current releases for your home, basement, rec room and pinballs also make great family gifts for any age!

Current List of Available Games from My Personal Collection as of 4/10/24:

Click on each title for pictures and/or information –

Where are the prices? Unfortunately, due to the amount of Scams, Bots and other issues, prices on this page have been removed, instead they are listed in a price tier system. Feel free to ask about any specific game via phone, text or email for exact price and options and upgrades or entire price list or setup an appointment to check them out or a price list.

Level 1 –  $1500-$3000

Level 2 – $3000-$4500

Level 3 – $4500-$6000

Level 4 – $6000+

Stern Iron Man

This game is stunning, home used only with just over 750 plays on the machine! Loaded up with tons of extra updates, LED’s, Special Effect LED Lighting, Full Color Screen, Color LED Speakers and more. Transluscent apron, custom power-coated red legs and trim and gold accents. Just a Stunning game not only to look at – but to play. Tons of features, multi-ball and awesome effects.  If you want a nice game, this is it.  LEVEL 4

Williams Space Mission

Classic and very popular game from the 70’s!  All around just fun – cool artwork, great chimes, and the fantastic SWINGING Target and cannons. Super fun play and one of the best of the era! LEVEL 1


Williams Time Warp

Classic game with super funky artwork – Tons of targets, 5 Pop Bumpers and a groovy theme. Also featuring the famous Banana Flippers makes this game a classic unique experience and has cool classic sound effects to boot! LEVEL 1

Williams World Cup Soccer

Vintage artwork and super cool Soccer theme always make this one fun for all ages. Nice rule set, good shots and Cannons that fire the ball back up into play.  Neat game with a neat vintage feel all the way around and super family fun! LEVEL 1

Gottlieb Strikes N Spares

VERY rare game (only 750 made) – It’s Bowling – It’s a Pinball – It’s Pinball Bowling. This game is really unique and super fun that has to be played. Up to 4 players makes this game a blast for everyone.  This is one you don’t see often and it’s a total trip and super fun. LEVEL 2

Williams Road Kings

Another 80’s Gem.  All around great gameplay, good shots, great music, multi-ball and just one of those games this is pure pinball fun. This example has been Home Used Only (extremely rare for this era) and it’s IMMACULATE. Full LED’s and just plain beautiful. If you want a nice one form the 80’s – this is it. LEVEL 2

Stern Galaxy

Classic game with a great theme, fun shots, and plays FAST and designed by Pinball Great Harry Williams.  Super cool early 80’s sound effects and just a good player for all ages! LEVEL 1

Gottlieb Vulcan

Awesome Artwork and a classic feel and gameplay on this Gottlieb Mechanical Game. Great for all ages and skill levels and has all the things that made pinball awesome! LEVEL 1


Stern Flight 2000

This game is still a BLAST.  Spell Blast Off to get the 3 Ball Multiball. Great layout, cool sounds and speech, lots to shoot for and cool ball walker and just an all around classic 80’s pinball experience!

Williams FAN-TAS-TIC

Super Fun Classic 70’s Game with crazy bright and fun artwork, funky fun design and spinning roulette wheel! Fun Chimes make this one a classic winner for all ages! LEVEL 1

Premier Miami Vice

Top Gun theme from the 80’s!  3 Ball Multiball, very fun and unique layout too. Fun soundtrack, drop targets, super retro-80’s style artwork and 4 Flippers make this one unique! Great theme and a great addition to the game room!

Games Coming Soon –  Bally Mata Hari, Bally Eight Ball Deluxe

Special Games available being sold on Consignment and not located at our location.

Sega Starship Troopers

Rare game with only 1500 ever made and based on the movie. Fantastic playing and unique gameplay and awesome music. Please inquire for more details.

Bally Revenge from Mars

VERY unique game. “Pinball 2000” System Features 3-D full video within a pinball machine for an amazing experience. Must be played to be appreciated. Nothing else like it. Please Inquire for more details!

Games coming in the Near Future:  Stay Tuned!

Games are shown by appointment, please contact me for more information on these (and other games) available – or will be soon from my own collection.  Payment plans are available as well as rent-to-own options. You’re also welcome to check out my personal pinball collection, with over 40 pinball machines and a few other fun games as well during your appointment! The games love to have visitors!

If you have interest in a particular title drop a line! Please keep in mind these are games are for FUN – there is no high pressure sales or haggling.