Machines for Sale / Wanted


I always have machines for sale from my personal collection! They tend to come and go pretty quickly, below you’ll a list of some of the current games available (or will be soon),  but please ask for the most current list. All games have been reconditioned, updated and repaired unless otherwise noted.

What does a pinball machine cost?  So much depends on condition, era, theme, age, gameplay etc. Typical reconditioned games range anywhere from $2000 (entry level) to $8000 (Latest or very popular title) and everywhere in between depending on updates, upgrades and other options – Please ask for more details.

I also buy machines at fair value – drop me a line and we’ll make a deal and I’ll come to you, remove the game for you and we’ll be all set!

Looking for that special game you loved as a kid? I can help! I can track down that special game from the 50’s all the way to the current releases for your home, basement, rec room and pinballs also make great gifts for any age!

Have a game and not sure what it’s worth? I can help with that too.

Current List of Available Games from My Personal Collection as of 9/13/21:

Click on each title for pictures and/or information

EM = Electromechanical (pre 1978 games with Chimes etc) :

Sega Viper Night Drivin

Very fun and rare game from the late 90’s feature the Dodge Viper. Very fast and fun and tons of really cool shots and fantastic flow and awesome soundtrack. It also has optional “Glow balls” – which was a first for pinball!

Stern Big Buck Hunter 

Another somewhat rare game – but ridiculously fun. It features a moving Buck on the playfield, very fun sounds, music and commentary and just a hoot to play. All the shots are good and just a really fun package – this was of course a spin-off of the very popular video game. This one has to be played and you will have a smile on your face.

Williams No Good Gofers

One of the best from the late 90’s and one of the last from the Great Williams pinball. Incredibly fun, pop-up gophers, tons of great shots and modes, multiball and fantastic sound and just silly fun and designed by one of the most famous and well known pinball designers.

Stern Rollercoaster Tycoon 

This game is a BLAST. So many cool shots, ramps, modes and crazy colorful and awesome theme for all ages. Plays VERY fast. This particular one was home use only and has never seen an arcade or public use. It is in FANTASTIC condition from top to bottom.

Bally Time Zone – EM

Classic game from the early 1970’s with a neat “Time Warp” effect – dings with the chimes and has a classy feel and play to it.

Williams Slugfest

Super Cool Pitch-And-Bat game.  Unique and ridiciulously addictive and a perfect head to head game. Once you play it, you’ll be hooked!

Gottlieb Ice Fever

Classic and somewhat rare game from the 1980’s.  Lots of good shots, neat sounds and unique knock down the targets to get the goal feature. Fun game for all ages and classic in it’s look and gameplay. Also plays very fast!

Williams Cyclone 

One of the most remembered and collectible games from the 1980’s and still sought after. Was very fortunate to end up with this one. Great sounds, classic theme, goofy and fun artwork, wheel of fortune and just classic pinball. If you remember pinball from this era, you certainly remember Cyclone. This games are getting very tough to find.

Williams Space Mission – EM

One of the last Electro-Mechanical pinballs from 1976. Great artwork, game play and Williams famous “Swinging target” which was very popular at the time. Just a classy looking game, with classic play and 4 players.

Games coming in the Near Future:

Bally Medusa, Williams Suspense, Williams Diner, Bally Eight Ball Champ

Games are shown by appointment, please contact me for more information on these (and other games) available – or will be soon from my own collection.  Payment plans are available as well as rent-to-own options.

Prices vary based on various available updates for the games, delivery (available in most areas) etc.  If you have interest in a particular title drop a line! Please keep in mind these are games are for FUN – and there is no high pressure sales or haggling. 🙂